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Millie and her family have moved house and Millie is starting at a new school.

She is very nervous about making new friends. Her favourite past time is lying on the grass watching the clouds float by. Her favourite cloud is the whale. She meets Jeremy as he is curious about what she is doing and with his help and the help of her Cloud Friends she makes lots of new friends.

Millie is a lovely, sweet story beautifully illustrated by artist Helen Pearson

About The Author

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I love writing and started by writing lyrics for songs. This turned into ideas for children stories and along came Poss In Boots.

Living in the country I often hear possums bouncing on the roof at night. This book was really well accepted by the public and I was encouraged to write more. Millie's Cloud Friends was my next self-published book. As with Poss In Boots, Millie was based on lying on the grass as a child, watching the clouds float by and making out different shapes.

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