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A story as dark as the narcissistic souls who have gathered together unfolds in a single, transformative night ... 

Anna is on the brink of a revelation that echoes through the silver birch corridors of the infamous Narcissus Gardening Club. Tonight, she is ensnared in a dangerous game where alliances are as fragile as its members. The club comprises of peculiar combination of people, the members are affectionately nicknamed the queen, the princess, the general, fetch, the jester and the goddess, and the man Anna despises the most in the world, her husband. When a shocking death strikes the club, every member is under the spotlight. Questions are raised as psychologist Dr Margot Gray, with her irrepressible spirit and piercing intuition, navigates a web spun with secrets and deceit. Wizardry of a brilliant kind is needed for Margot to stop the killer striking again. 

This dark yet playful psychological thriller is crime fiction at its best. This debut novel is also the first in the Margot Gray series. As an experienced psychologist, author Dr Kirsten Hunter writes with an authentic, authoritative voice. This book dives head-on into the brutality and tenderness of human nature. Prepare for a captivating journey, where every page turned brings you closer to the shocking revelations that lie at the heart of the Narcissus Gardening Club. 

"You haven't seen this book before. This is a truly fresh piece of work, a whodunnit that's disturbingly relevant. Margot Gray has an intoxication with life, but she lives in the corners, the area where most people only imagine human nature can go." - Christine Buckley

About The Author

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Dr Kirsten Hunter is a clinical psychologist with 20 years' experience. Between running her private practice and loving her home life, she enjoys writing her books, hiking and scuba diving, and is known for embracing life. Her other books include; The Signposts For Living Series and The Squish series for children. Murder At The Narcissus Gardening Club is her debut crime fiction novel.

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