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This book contains a collection of nature poems and art work, lovingly designed and crafted by Melbourne-based artist, Bee Williamson.

The work huddles around her love of Nature, where she finds peace, joy and the inspiration to write and draw, deep within the source and solace of nature's gentle hand.

Her grandfather, acclaimed nature writer Henry Williamson, encouraged Bee, through his undeniable spiritual presence, to reveal her deep expression and concerns within this work, her second published book, 'Nature - a gift'.

The simple things of life matter to Bee – her soul embracing the beauty of a seed, a flower, a tree, a bird.

This work is offered as a gift to the reader, an invitation to revel in simplicity where one can find a warm earthly heart beating: cushioned from modernity.

About The Author

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Bee is a poet, artist and designer. In 2011 she set up her own publishing company, Bee’s Boutique Books. Since then, she has written and designed more than twenty books. These include Maribel Steel’s Blindness for Beginners and My Mother’s Harvest, and a memoir by art therapist, Brenda Alexis.

Bee’s first book, The Hidden Self, was written in collaboration with poet and artist Naomi Downie and launched at Dante’s in 2009. Her next book, Nature – a gift, was written during her time as Café Poet at Pheast48, as part of an Australian Poetry Ltd project.

Bee spent the next five years writing and designing Torment & Soul. During this time she had poems published in Ricochet and Woman’s Word and photographs published in Poetica Christi Press’s publications, Reflecting on Melbourne, Everyday Splendour, Wonderment and Hope Whispers. Bee had 10 photographs published in Vine Leaves Press’s Literary Journal, a hardback coffee table book, in 2017.

Bee had twelve artworks published in C.R.O.P. Harvest - an anthology of new works and a drawing published in Page Seventeen journal, Issue 4. In 2015 she had her first essay about mental health published in Page Seventeen, Issue 12. Bee has also been a poetry reader for Overland literary journal for the last 7 years. Bee was represented by Louey & Lane Gallery in Glenhuntly for four years (2014).

Since 2004 Bee has exhibited as part of 27 fine art exhibitions around Melbourne. In 2021 PCP published Bee’s poem and photograph in their book Silver Linings. In 2007 Bee received a Cultural Development Fund from the City of Port Phillip for dramaturgical work with Martin White on her play 'Hamlet's Angel' and a play-reading at National Young Writer's Festival in Newcastle and 'Woman's Word' launch. All achieved by having the support of Nilgun Guven as mentor in that year.

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