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Fasten your seatbelt low and tight for an aviation and medical thriller that'll grip your mind and capture your heart!

Dylan Malloy has retreated from the world, throwing himself into a second choice job in Australia’s remote outback. His days as a self-sufficient loner, however, are rapidly ending. Dylan knows he won’t make his twenty-fifth birthday without lifesaving surgery. His one-and-only chance means a desperate journey to hospital—today—and the last flight to Perth departs in just a few minutes. 

But the thought of boarding that 737 is as painful as the sinister disease destroying his body from within, and as dark as the underlying truths he fights to keep secret. 

As he battles his fears about the journey and his operation, Dylan has no clue his many ghosts are about to return in ways he could never imagine. Dylan’s life choices and turbulent history will culminate on flight JW-238 in a seat gripping climax you won’t see coming.   

Will Dylan’s next actions decide his fate, or is he destined to die young and alone? The thrilling drama of O2 will have you questioning how our lives play out. 

Do we randomly stumble through it all, or is there a predetermined script?  

If you enjoyed reading Falling, The Pilot's Daughter, or Hostage - or the movie 7500 - then you're going to love the story of O2.  Also for fans of Maybe in Another Life and Five Feet Apart.

About The Author

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Born and bred on an island state, I write about the land, sea, sky and people. I’m fascinated by the human condition, crazy on anything that floats or flies, and passionate about the beauty and value of true wilderness.  

I’m into writing character-based dramas, thrillers with depth, and stories that dig deep into what it means to be human. I enjoy a meaty theme or two, and I subtly weave contemporary issues into my books when it suits.   

When I’m not writing, I earn a living as an education consultant, specialist in the aviation industry, and aerial and landscape photographer. In previous lives I’ve been a senior manager in the public sector and an educational leader in the university sector.  

In my spare time I’m a keen sailor and I take to the sky in aircraft whenever I can. I obtained my pilot licence at age seventeen, and later celebrated my forties by building a full-size 737 flight simulator in my garage.  I live in Tasmania, Australia with my wife, and extended family.

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