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Orenda is a First Nations Iroquois belief that all natural objects and people possess a mystical energy. It is the force that allows us to effect change in the world and manifest transformation.

In this gripping sequel to The 45th Parallel, Caitlin and her husband Gio travel to Canada to take on new roles as ambassadors for the ACC. Inclusive, intelligent, and aware, Caitlin proves herself a natural leader. Respected by her people, she endeavors to bridge the gap between the communities, offering them new opportunities that will benefit generations to come.

But as Caitlin and Gio build their new family, an old enemy resurfaces, threatening their newfound security. 

Loyalties are challenged, betrayal leads to unspeakable tragedy, and the ultimate act of revenge forces Caitlin to draw on her orenda before it threatens to destroy them both.

About The Author

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T.S. Simons is an award-winning Australian author of Scottish heritage. Living in the alpine region of Australia, she believes in the values of integrity, sustainability, and community in a world where we place greater value on possessions than people. She enjoys posing philosophical questions that make readers think and reflect on the world we live in. 

The Antipodes series addresses the question—if we gave young people the opportunity to start over, would they replicate the mistakes of the past?

She holds Bachelor and Master’s degrees, post-graduate qualifications in governance and management, and is an accredited company director. She is an Australia Reads Ambassador and enjoys reading, traveling, mythology, and snow skiing while attempting to live as sustainably as possible with her partner and children. She is owned by a standard schnauzer, fox red labrador, and three rescue cats who co-manage her household. 

The Antipodes series comprises Project Hemisphere, The Space Between, Infinity, Circle of Protection, and Sessrumnir. The Latitude series comprises The 45th Parallel, Orenda, and Bifrost. She is working on the fourth book in this series, Triple Helix, as well as contributing to various anthologies for charity. 

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