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It can be challenging to truly digest a thought, articulate an experience, comprehend an emotion — and most of the time, they are either forgotten or worse, concealed. 

Kade Berman, in his book “Reason and Passion”, powerfully articulates thoughts, conceptualises experiences and apprehends emotions in his collection of poetry pieces. The melodious stringing of poems makes for an enthralling story of love, nature and the human condition.

The poetry in this book includes writings of philosophy and personal experience. It is a well-considered collection of poetry pieces crafted through a meditative and unique lens.

If you want to sit down and think critically, or even if you want to enjoy pretty and simple writings of the world around us, this book is for you.

Among the hills, where the trees grow in purposeful harmony, it is clear that reason rests in the forest.

Yet, through the harsh forest fire that blazes through the innocent leaves, it is clear that passion rests in the forest.

Like an arcane forest at the mercy of the elements, you too shall rest in the cool shade of reason and move with passion's fire.

Praise for Reason and Passion - 

"Amazing and beautiful poems. Well worth the purchase!" - Amazon Review

"Kade has written an unbelievable book! I really enjoyed reading it." - Amazon Review

About The Author

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Kade Berman is an author from Melbourne, Australia. He started writing his first book Reason and Passion whilst on a year away, volunteering in developing countries. That experience helped inspire his outlook of peoplehood, the beauty of nature and the realness of the world. 

Kade is passionate about harnessing the power of language to propel others into action, whether that be through personal development or social advocacy.

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