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After experiencing paradise, humanity must now endure perdition.  

Through a series of journal entries and illustrations by supposed prophets, we follow the settlement known as The Varangian Guard as they try to move through the new world.  Though they are a strong, militarised, and skilled enclave, the new world is an unforgiving place. 

From the towering constructs that are Inquisitors, to the ever-hungering Rakshasas, the new world is never short of horrors to send after humanity.  Our survivors will need to learn to trust those even outside their home, as the path to salvation cannot be walked with mere guns and bullets alone.  

Do not let your eyes deceive you in this new world, there is no magic here. 

Only Science.

About The Author

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Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1994, Joshua Hall grew up with little interest in... Anything... even reading! The only exception to this, however, was video games—some days he would be out saving an alien race, other he would be defeating an army of darkness.  

Exploring virtual worlds and meeting the many characters living within them, Joshua began wanting to create his own worlds with his own characters, turning these games into a tool for inspiration. As he began to write for fun, Joshua soon found he had more heart in the creative realm than expected, and has been pursuing turning his writing into a career.

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