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Get out and don’t look back. That had been Ray Leeton’s way of doing things ever since he had escaped the small town of Lofts Creek where he had grown up.

But after fifteen years he’s back, returned to attend the funeral of his Aunt Lucy, the woman who raised him. It was to be a quick visit. But there’s something going on, something that doesn’t sit right.

Families are being pulled apart. Kids being taken in by the local so-called orphanage at an alarming rate. The land is going to pot, polluted and ignored. And there are too many people who seem to want Ray and his partner, Marcy, dead or gone. There’s also the matter of the murder rap that continues to haunt him, that may well still see him end up in jail. The urge is to run, again. Like he always does.

But he’s sick of running, sick of always turning his back. He’ll stay, poke around a bit. It might be the making of him. It might be the death of him.

About The Author

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Steve Tait is a writer, teacher, and teacher trainer. He is also a wanderer, having spent most of his adult life outside of his native Australia.

He has worked in Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea and continues to enjoy the thrill of working with both learners of English and teachers of English. His interests include learning about foreign cultures and by extension, learning about himself. His novels and short stories explore issues surrounding finding a place for oneself in this world of ours.

He is interested in what it means to belong, and what it means to be an outsider. His aims in life are to continue writing, to travel, to discover and explore new inner and outer worlds, and to learn to live happily with as few possessions as possible.

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