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Join Heidi the Piedy, Roy the Boy and Fran his Nan as they travel from their favourite beach to New York City, to talk to the world’s nations about plastic pollution. 

Sometimes, the smallest voice can have the strongest message.

Use less plastic, every day.

“Be the Change.” Start today.

The ocean should be clean and blue.

But who’s it up to? Me and YOU!

About The Author

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Ned is a kid on a mission to reduce ocean plastics. At the age of 11 he started his own bamboo toothbrush business, The Turtle Tribe, which he won awards for including Changemaker of the Year in the Be the Change Awards, and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Youth Business Magazine. Featured on radio and television in Australia and around the world, Ned is the youngest CEO ever mentioned in CEO Magazine. Learn more at :

Tamzin is a self-taught multimedia artist who loves drawing all creatures great and small. Conservation and protection of wildlife and the environment inspire her artwork. She is a freelance illustrator living in Queensland with her family including her two cats, Sooks and Mooks. You can learn more about her work at :

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