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A global pandemic. Billions dead. Healthy young survivors are sent to the Australian Outback. Their task - to feed what's left of civilisation.  

Anarchy is rampant outside the capital, the most ruthless seizing scraps of the old world. Farming zones are said to be disease-free, patrolled and secure. Yet people sometimes disappear.  

Witek, a backpacker tortured by his past, Phuong, a gifted drone specialist, Sienna, an impulsive outsider, and Harrison, a duplicitous cynic, arrive in a place where corruption is worse than any pestilence.  Isolated and hunted, the survivors must question who they can trust in order to stay safe. Crossing the wrong people could mean death - or worse. But a hidden secret in the wilderness might change everything...  

Seven by Seven is the first book in a new Australian dystopian speculative fiction series.

About The Author

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Kendall Carlsson has a degree in medical science and has worked in research, health promotion, hospitality and farming. Keen interests in ecology, the natural world, sustainability, folklore and traditions have inspired much of Kendall's writing, including Seven by Seven, the first book in a new series of post-pandemic speculative fiction.

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