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Starting Over follows the lives of three young women, all new arrivals in the small coastal town of Woolshed Bay, on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia, where they become friends. 

ERIN is the troubled youngest sibling of a successful Adelaide professional family, banished to Woolshed Bay to work as a nurse at the hospital. The family hopes that a stint in the country, away from bad company, will help her turn her life around. 

REBECCA is returning to Woolshed Bay after many years absence, suffering burn-out from her challenging work as a doctor for Médecins sans Frontières, but also to care for her sick father. 

GABBY is from Melbourne, a lawyer, dismissed from her family’s legal firm for sexual misconduct and exiled to Woolshed Bay to work for her cousin.

A heart-warming novel, the story arc follows their growing friendship as they start new lives in Woolshed Bay. Here they encounter quirky locals, drug-running gangsters, a religious sect, new challenges at every turn, and also, life changing relationships. 

Overcoming danger and prejudice, they each find love and happiness with three very different men, in unexpected ways.

About The Author

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I live in rural South Australia where I was born and raised. After completing a university degree and while contemplating career options, true love intervened. 

Four children later, I once again considered my career options. Now I could multi-task, solve complex problems, function on little sleep and wipe up assorted bodily fluids without flinching. Nursing seemed the perfect choice!  

I have lived in some remote areas but have also worked in a busy city hospital. My nursing career has fed my curiosity about people, their secrets, hopes and dreams. It is their stories that inspire me.

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