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Solari wasn’t alive when the ozone layer split like a gutted fish above Tasmania and spilled radiation over the edge of the stratosphere, but she’s living with the consequences—the mutations, the gangland war, and the border wall that divides the affluent North from the contaminated South. 

Orphaned and alone in the southern reaches, Solari survives the chaos the only way she knows how: cooking the wildly addictive snowrock for local crime lord, Worcsulakz, and avoiding the mutants that skulk in the city’s shadows. But, when her junkie ex-boyfriend puts Solari more firmly in Worcsulakz’s debt, she runs—escaping the promise of violent retribution with a stolen van and a pair of giant wings cleaved from a mutant moth. 

Grafting the wings to her body disguises Solari as one of Tasmania’s most reviled and hunted, but grants her refuge in the one place Worcsulakz won’t look for her—a mutant enclave. There, Solari will form an unlikely alliance with another mutant, discover the truth about her mother’s death, and commence the dangerous journey through gangland strongholds to get to the Border Wall in the north. 

Hunted by Worcsulakz, the secrets of her family’s past, and the deception at the core of her fragile alliance, Solari will need to confront them all or stay condemned to a life of loneliness and brutality.  

A bold neo-gothic, post-apocalyptic story from the unique worldview of Mikhaeyla Kopievsky. Perfect for fans of the new weird genre and the works of China Mieville, Jeff Vandermeer, and Kameron Hurley.

About The Author

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MIKHAEYLA KOPIEVSKY is an independent speculative fiction author who loves writing about complex and flawed characters in stories that explore philosophy, sociology and politics. She holds degrees in International Relations, Journalism, and Environmental Science. 

A former counter-terrorism advisor, she has travelled to and worked in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  Mikhaeyla lives in the Hunter Valley, Australia, with her husband and son.

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