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Danielle's dog Teida, a staffordshire terrier x red cattle dog, inspired Danielle to write Teida's life story, after their good friend Garry passed away. 

Teida, Danielle and their friend Garry were like the three musketeers and writing Teida's Story Life Through The Eyes Of A Dog was a way to share the connection they all had in the hope it will help others in some small way. 

Danielle had never written a book before, actually the only thing she ever wrote were letters to people interstate and penpals overseas. So after eight years of continuous writing and rewriting, editing and re-editing and as much encouragement from a very good, dear friend who thought Danielle's writing had good potential to turn into a book, Teida's Story was born.   

Teida's Story Life Through The Eyes Of A Dog, is a dog memoir where Teida tells her life story from a dog's point of view, from when she was a pup to her old senior years. 

Teida was raised by a lady and after six years of being with this lady, and due to unfortunate circumstances, Teida had to find a new home.  Four days after her home was broken into, Teida came into Danielle's life and they bonded instantly. Danielle had never had a dog before, she worked long hours and came home late at night. She felt that she wasn't capable of looking after a dog. 

That was until Teida came into her life. 

In this hearfelt and emotional book Teida shares her adventures with Danielle, the fun and happy times as well as fearful sad times. Teida discusses topics of grief and loss, friendship hope, faith and love.

About The Author

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Danielle Corrie, published author and writer, was born and raised in Sydney Australia.  

Throughout her schooling, even though Danielle enjoyed getting herself immersed into many books at a time with authors such as Enid Blyton, Judy Blume and even James Herriot, English was her weakest subject. Danielle found comprehension and writing essays very difficult and flunked her final exam.  

In addition to being incompetent at English, Danielle was continuously bullied during most of her school life. She was picked on for what she ate during recess or lunchtime, for being tall, for being quiet, and even when the teachers gave her an award, for her outstanding school work, no matter the reason Danielle was ridiculed by her fellow class mates. 

School was not a safe haven for Danielle.  

Fast forwarding many many years later, a six year old red cattle x staffordshire terrier dog Teida came into Danielle's life as well as a very good friend Garry. Garry, Teida and Danielle were like the three musketeers. Unfortunately, in 2008,  Garry passed away from a terminal illness. Teida and Danielle were deeply saddened by the loss of Garry, so Danielle decided to write a book sharing the connection, she, Garry and her dog Teida had in the hope it will help others in some small way.   

Danielle had never written a book before, however this didn't stop her from self publishing her book. After not much success, she decided to find a publisher. 

In 2018 she approached New Holland Publishers, who, after much deliberation, made the decision to publish Teida's Story, Life Through The Eyes Of A Dog.  

Danielle has had also written a variety of short stories published through The Urban Field Naturalist and a blogpost titled A Reflection On Changed Easter Traditions published  through The Association for Anthropology, Gerontology and the Life Course (AAGE).  

Before having Teida, Danielle has always been surrounded by family pets big and small, from dogs to peach-face parrots, to an aviary of budgerigars and even a goat, duck and turtle who lived in the family home. Danielle even tamed her peach faced parrots and more recently blue tongue lizards. She even helped a dazed Rufous Whistler that came her way.  

Danielle has a personal affinity with dogs, who, no matter their background or size, automatically connect to her gentle nature and temperament.  She is also an avid gardener and nature lover.

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