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Park Court is a fairly typical Melbourne neighborhood, hosting a very diverse, multicultural community. 

Africans, Indians, Chinese, Lebanese, Sri Lankans, Christians, Muslims, straight and gay people, they all live there, and not always peacefully. What is lacking, however, is a White family to complete the diversity. 

But when one finally moves into the court, it is more than what anyone had bargained for.

Praise for The Bogans - 

“An often funny, always generous and very timely examination of race, class, sexuality, religion, family and more, reflecting the rich diversity and sometimes fraught complexity of Australia’s multicultural realities, that goes beyond labels and mis-perceptions to the big heart of "Aussieness" in all its forms: that we’re all neighbors, all people, and all Australian, no matter where we may have “really come” from.” - Sunil Badami, Author and broadcaster                                               

About The Author

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Channa Wickremesekera is a Sri Lankan born writer living in Melbourne. He is a military historian as well as a writer of fiction. His fiction explores the themes  of sexuality, displacement and the challenges of multiculturalism. 

THE BOGANS is his sixth novel.

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