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Multiple Murders: a stolen inheritance.  

Injured at the start of the Indian mutiny in 1858, Scottish engineer Findo Gask finds himself in Melbourne during the fabled Gold Rush. Here he meets a young governess, Mary Mitchell, and stumbles across the mystery of a stolen inheritance. Together with his new eccentric friend, Erroll Rait, he seeks out the truth - travelling first to London, Edinburgh, the Scottish Highlands and back to Melbourne, uncovering multiple murders and a sinister plot to add himself and Mary to the growing list of victims.   

With remarkable expertise and knowledge, Cairns transports his readers back to the days of steam trains and clipper ships, gas-lit Edinburgh streets and the gold fields of Australia, weaving together his mystery and murder plot into a vivid tapestry of real historical happenings.  

The Case of the Emigrant Niece is a novel so rich in historical detail and colour, the reader will feel immersed in the Victorian age. Cairns’ skilfully crafted novel shares the same spirit, style, suspense and atmosphere of Conan Doyle's stories. 

The Case of the Emigrant Niece is an irresistible read, and perfect for anyone who enjoys an atmospheric detective story and an impeccably researched historical novel.

About The Author

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David Cairns, the Baron of Finavon (an ancient Scottish title), has always been a student of history and has the ability to create an atmosphere and three–dimensional experiences with his writing style. Until recently, he was a technology entrepreneur. He has lived and worked on four continents and as a result has experienced the history of London and Boston, the buzz of Chicago, Nashville and Silicon Valley, the pioneering atmosphere of the South African bush, the relaxed lifestyle of the Bahamas, the cultural diversities of Europe and the laid-back lifestyle of Australia, which is where he makes his home these days. He is the author of The Helots’ Tale series - Downfall and Redemption.

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