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Everyone – the good, the bad and the undecided – has a story.

While Toni Delle is crisscrossing the sector, investigating a criminal empire intent on war, other members of the White Fire world are busy with their own endeavors.

The businessman closing a treasonous deal that will bring conflict to the galaxy. The politician giving the biggest speech of her career in the shadow of an assassin. The smuggler who can’t be trusted, desperate for redemption.

The Good, the Bad and the Undecided is a collection of twelve short stories set during the thrilling events of White Fire – A Toni Delle Adventure. A cast of guns-for-hire, undercover agents, revolutionaries and rogues reveal their part in Toni’s adventures. 

Because everyone – the good, the bad and the undecided – has a story.

About The Author

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Laurie Bell is a once upon a time former teacher who has worked with children of all ages in the literary sphere. She is now an administrator and is the one to go to with any question.

She is regularly featured by publications such as the Antipodean Science Fiction E-Magazine. A lover of fantasy and science fiction of all kinds, she is also a volunteer at her local theatre company and is often found in coffee shops or on trains writing madly in one of her many notebooks. Oh and she loves chocolate and coffee!

Laurie maintains an active blog of science fiction, fantasy, and flash fiction pieces. You can discover more about her fantastic titles at

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