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It is the third year since the strange castle, known to the residents of Calder Cove as Merlin's School, appeared in the seaside town. 

They are still viewing it with trepidation, more so this year as things that had been accepted - though odd - suddenly become dark and dire when a teacher is killed. Students are now more than ever reluctant to enter the confines of the building, but their choices are removed by an enchantment that draws the selected few in. 

Will they find out who the murderer is? Or will the the murderer find them first?  

Fantasy adventure for all the family.

About The Author

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Having done all the usual stuff – school, marriage, kids – Margaret moved to Tiaro, Queensland, Australia from Tasmania. She’s currently retired and spends most of her time writing, reading and doing needlework. 

She has published several books - children’s fantasy, YA and adult fiction, along with the castle chronicles for Victory Village at Riverbend, and had a short story included in a Canadian anthology.  The Ring of Curses – her first book, and her first book in her Merlin’s School for Ordinary Children fantasy series - was nominated for the Ditmar awards, and in 2014 and 2015 Margaret was a featured author in The Premier’s Reading Challenge, Tasmania. 

This year – 2021 - her short story, Three Wishes Granted, will be winging its way to the moon (see to be included in the first Lunar Library, along with 1,200 other authors, artists and composers.

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