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There’s a mystery hidden deep within us all…

Former police officer John Richter’s life is falling apart. His marriage is broken, the money’s run out, nightmares taunt him night after night and his only friend in the world is a rescue cat called Bobbie. When a mysterious client offers him a missing persons job in the city of Miami however, it seems there might be some hope yet.

Neuroscientist Candice Garland is part of a secret government research team investigating a strange code hidden in blood, but when sinister events begin to unfold she’s forced to question just what it is they’re about to unleash. A rogue doctor may hold the answers she’s looking for, but that means infiltrating a strange cult that is said to be protecting him.

When the missing persons case leads to the cult calling themselves The Hallucigenia Project, John and Candice find their lives collide when they are swept into a heart pulsing journey to unravel the true meaning of the code as all around them the world balances on the brink of destruction. At stake is far more than life and death however, and with Bobbie by their side the race is on to discover the wonder of our place amongst the stars.

Could the cult’s end of world predictions be true?

Who is the mysterious girl in the wheelchair?

Can John and Candice unravel the secrets of the message hidden deep in us all?

This special edition includes Chapter One of the highly anticipated sequel Godless, with an expected release date mid 2021.

Praise for The Hallucigenia Project - 

"Brilliant! How many years it must have taken to write this book I can but imagine. What a thrill ride! Wow!" - Sherry Mickens, Amazon Review.

"...the stars are not as silent as they seem..." This dystopian thriller is a fantastic blend of suspense, twists, and turns, with strong, well-drawn characters and effortless world building. Woven throughout the fast paced, hands on action is a deeply considered philosophy that challenges and inspires you to consider humanity's past, present, and future - and your own part in it." - Veronica Strachan, author of The Ochre Dragon and Breathing While Drowning.

"I'm a hardcore fan of sci fi, and this story is close to my favorite hard sci fi génre. Fast-paced with plenty of action. I can't wait to read the next in the series!" - Brian Cortner, Amazon Review.

About The Author

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Darren Kasenkow is an Australian author whose work dances across the boundaries of literary fiction to bring together thematic elements ranging from dystopian horror, apocalyptic science fiction and existential suspense. His career began with the publishing of numerous short stories across various street press and magazines, with a collection of his works included in the national anthology “PAROXYSM” (Paroxysm Press).

His debut novel "THE APOCALYPSE SHOW" was released digitally in 2012, a horror extravaganza centred around a mysterious golden medallion with the power to bend reality in truly hellish ways. This was followed by the gritty, road trip nightmare release "DUST AND DEVILS", a cross country journey that leads straight to a blood soaked nest of serial killers. His next full feature release, "SEE THE CITY RED", saw the author shift gears to create a dark and foreboding future where the pain of vengeance taints a world about to fall under the spell of the Antichrist.

In 2019 he proudly released "THE HALLUCIGENIA PROJECT". Book one in a new, epic dystopian series, The Hallucigenia Project is a mind bending action thriller that takes the reader on a soul searching journey of discovery through dangerous city streets, mysterious cults, relentless government agencies and a race to touch the stars. It is a dark, heart pounding ride that will no doubt surprise even the most avid of readers.

He is currently working on the highly anticipated sequel titled "GODLESS", with an expected release date of mid 2021. He has also recently finished a collaboration with bestselling author V.E. Patton (Ochre Dragon – The Opal Dreaming Chronicles) on a new adventure series "BENEATH A BURNING HEART", also to be released in 2021.

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