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Mary Ann Goulding and Robert Bright continue their adventures...  

Transported to Van Diemen's Land to serve their sentences we join them as they work their time as assigned 'servants', actually little more than slaves on this island prison. Fighting against the restrictions imposed on them, they suffer the penalties proscribed by Governor Arthur, the martinet in charge of implementing the British government's plans. 

We follow them to the recently founded town of Melbourne and watch as they strive to build a life through tragedy and desperate times.   

The momentous discovery of massive gold deposits sees huge disruption and changes all around as they live through the era of bushrangers like Ned Kelly, the massacre at the Eureka Stockade and the growing confidence of a new land with the birth of new cities and historic events such as the first Australia vs England test match and the first running of the Melbourne Cup.  

Their fast-paced ever-changing life witnesses the building of a pioneering family and the creation of a new nation.

About The Author

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David Cairns, the Baron of Finavon (an ancient Scottish title), has always been a student of history and has the ability to create an atmosphere and three–dimensional experiences with his writing style. 

Until recently, he was a technology entrepreneur. He has lived and worked on four continents and as a result has experienced the history of London and Boston, the buzz of Chicago, Nashville and Silicon Valley, the pioneering atmosphere of the South African bush, the lazy lifestyle of the Bahamas, the cultural diversities of Europe and the laid-back lifestyle of Australia, which is where he makes his home these days.  

On St Andrew's Day you will probably find him in his kilt, celebrating with a glass of single malt whisky (he prefers the Linkwood malts). He also still gets involved in technology projects (he chairs a Canadian technology company) and in charitable activity (he serves on the board of Arthritis Queensland), but his new-found passion is immersing himself in bringing history to life with his novels.

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