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Life is Funnier than Fiction....well, it certainly is when you are a Western Couple with traditional Balinese parents, doing business and living in a Traditional Rural Hindu Village in North Bali.  

The author shares her experiences working in a completely different culture to Australia, one controlled by Gods and Demons, and a nagging Balinese mother.  If you have ever been to Bali, you will relate to many of the author's stories.  If you have never been to Bali, you may want to visit after reading the authors stories.    

'Laugh out loud' and 'grab tissue' moments, together with the cultural insights shared by the writer, make this book a must-read for anyone considering working or living in Bali....or just visiting the Island of the Gods as a tourist.

About The Author

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Rachel Bergsma is the writer of the Facebook blog Ibu Chronicles, a blog about living in Bali with her Dutch husband and working in a traditional village in North Bali, Indonesia, now, a published book.  

The Ibu Chronicles was first published as a fundraiser to raise money for food for the Balinese in the village their business was located in, the profits used for purchasing food staples, such as rice etc.  Her second book The Epiphany is the background story to The Ibu Chronicles.  The newly released third book is the continuing story, picking up where The Epiphany finished, The Measurement of Wealth.  

Rachel (Rach) and her husband, have been living in Bali for close to 14 years. They were running a tour and travel business located in a Balinese owned hotel, at Lake Batur, Kintamani, Bali for 12 years, which is currently closed due to COVID-19. So, Rach has not seen the shores of Australia for a while due to COVID, nor her Australian family, but she keeps up to date with her Australian readers on her Facebook blog.  

Rach came from the corporate world, working in real estate and law firms. Twenty years after she vowed never to return to Bali, she now lives a simple life in Bali, Indonesia. Rach and her husband live with their rescue dogs and their extended Balinese family and follow the Balinese faith. You can keep up with Rach and her life in Bali at her Facebook blog, Facebook/IbuChronicles.

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