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Twin babies separated at birth who grow up on opposite sides of the country, are unaware of the other's existence, until one of them, Joe, goes searching for answers. 

A divorced academic and parent of a feisty teenage daughter, Joe discovers at his father's funeral the reason behind his miserable, unloving childhood, when a family secret is revealed. He sets out on a journey to discover his true identity, and along the way, he comes to a better understanding of himself.

Joe's long-lost twin, Pammie, has had a happy childhood in Bethesda, a closed religious community in rural South Australia, but like Joe, is confronted by startling news about her identity. Joe’s search takes him from Melbourne, to the Outback and to Lismore in NSW, before finally arriving at Bethesda. 

Constrained by obligations to his newly-found sister, and his needy daughter, Joe is conflicted by his feelings. As he unravels the mystery surrounding his birth, and the separation of the twins, Joe makes peace with himself. But can he find a way to unite all the threads of his life to find true happiness?

Finding each other is as liberating for Joe and Pammie, as it is for the people they love. 

Cheese-making, troublesome teenagers, dick pics and cult life, combine with midwives, family life, love and belonging, to create a heart-warming story celebrating the complexity of modern life in Australia.

About The Author

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I live in rural South Australia where I was born and raised. After completing a university degree and while contemplating career options, true love intervened.

Four children later, I once again considered my career options. Now I could multi-task, solve complex problems, function on little sleep and wipe up assorted bodily fluids without flinching. Nursing seemed the perfect choice!

I have lived in some remote areas but have also worked in a busy city hospital. My nursing career has fed my curiosity about people, their secrets, hopes and dreams. It is their stories that inspire me.

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