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Fifteen-year-old Darren Davies is found facedown in the Weymouth River with a gunshot wound to his chest. 

The killer is never found. 

Ten years later, his mother receives a visit from the local police. Sandra’s best friend has been found dead on a remote Pilbara road, and Barbara’s DNA matches the DNA found under Darren’s fingernails. 

When the investigation into her son’s murder is reopened, Sandra begins to question what she knew about her best friend. 

As she digs, she discovers that there are many secrets in her small town, and that her murdered son had secrets too.

About The Author

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Karen Herbert spent her childhood in Geraldton on the midwest coast of Australia, attending local schools before moving to Perth to study at the University of Western Australia where she attained a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Science in Applied Psychology. 

Karen has worked in aged care, disability services, higher education, Indigenous land management, social housing and the public sector, and is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 

She is a Board Member of The Intelife Group and Advocare, and President of the Fellowship of Australian Writers (WA). Karen lives in Perth, Western Australia with her husband, Ross. The River Mouth is her debut novel and has been optioned for film and television.

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