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These two siblings are typical of kids growing up in Australia during the 1960s. 

Many migrant children helped their parents in their businesses and teaching their parents about Australian life. Migrant children wanted to assimilate into Australian society and envied the life Australian children had. 

There was a sense that children born in Australia had it easier than those born overseas or had parents who had migrated from non-English speaking countries. 

This is a fictional story but the shop did exist and my brother and I did help our parents in their shop.

About The Author

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Maria has made a career of using words to communicate. Working at a television station, her first paid job, nurtured Maria's love of words. 

A move to Sydney to study Communications gave her the opportunity to work with advertising & public relations agencies, corporate companies and newspapers. She has written PR, ads and newsletters for products from food to jewellery, fashion and interiors as well as garden and building products. Both for traditional print media and digital. 

When she is not writing website content or as a senior reviewer for Weekend Notes, she works on her short stories and novels. Maria writes fiction family sagas, science fiction and contemporary fiction. 

Her debut novel, The Decision They Made, is a compelling family saga spanning three generations and three countries. Full of dark secrets, flawed love and a decision no one was supposed to discover.

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