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Tracey Masters is ready to train harder, dig deeper, and get more in touch with the magic that is pulsing inside of her. She has faced the threat of the shadow, and it nearly consumed her.

With the help of her family and close friends, Tracey overcame the darkness and now realizes just how hard being a Mage-kind teenager really is. She won't be caught off-guard again. Clawing at the edges of her mind—of her memories—she senses a new evil encroaching.

As Tracey sets off in search of the other Stones of Power, she continues to wrestle with questions about her past. Racing to discover who she really is, Tracey must decide how far she is willing to go to protect her family and friends.

What cost—what sacrifice—is she willing to pay in order to find herself, locate the other stones, and break an ancient curse that is destroying generations of family history?

Painful betrayal, a threat that's too close to home, mind-altering visions, dangerous magic, and a new heartthrob at school all scream for Tracey's attention. But can she trust her own choices, or her memories? What is real, what is fake?

Tracey must decide if she can believe in her own magic, and her friends, before everyone she loves is erased from existence.

Praise for The Tiger's Eye -

"This novel was fantastic, exciting, enthralling, with every chapter taking the reader on a journey of discovery, as Tracey and her friends search for the next stone of power whilst trying to stay ahead of the one wanting all the power of the stones." - Amazon Review.

"Another fantastic read from Laurie Bell! Fun and exciting reading. Recommended for all ages. Can't wait until Book 3!" - Amazon Review.

"I love the action in this book. There wasn’t a dull moment and it kept me entertained. I highly recommend it!" - Amazon Review.

About The Author

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Laurie Bell is a once upon a time former teacher who has worked with children of all ages in the literary sphere. She is now an administrator and is the one to go to with any question.

She is regularly featured by publications such as the Antipodean Science Fiction E-Magazine. A lover of fantasy and science fiction of all kinds, she is also a volunteer at her local theatre company and is often found in coffee shops or on trains writing madly in one of her many notebooks.

Oh and she loves chocolate and coffee! Laurie maintains an active blog of science fiction, fantasy, and flash fiction pieces. Discover more at

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