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Explore the world on the other side of the street!  

Entering the tunnels is easy, but Ripley and Gabriela soon discover that reaching the surface again will be the greatest challenge they have ever faced... 

Who are the mysterious tunnel dwellers and why have they founded an underground community of their own? Who is the tunnel runner and why is he so determined to kill anyone who ventures too close to the Chambers? 

As they unlock the secrets of this subterranean society, Ripley and Gabriela will also discover the answer to a mystery of their own – one that has haunted Gabriela since childhood.   

The Tunnel Runner is a gripping tale of suspense and urban adventure built on a foundation of social tension and family secrets. It takes you by the hand and leads you deep beneath the city of Brisbane.

About The Author

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Cameron Trost is a writer of strange and mysterious fiction. He has published two collections, "Hoffman's Creeper and Other Disturbing Tales" and "The Animal Inside", and a novel, "The Tunnel Runner". He also creates puzzling cases for Oscar Tremont, Investigator of the Strange and Inexplicable, and is the founding editor of Black Beacon Books. 

Originally from Australia, Cameron now lives on the rugged coast of Brittany, where he enjoys nothing more than sipping a fine whisky by the fireplace while a storm howls outside. Website:

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