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Duleep Singh wants to rob a thief. 

A thief who stole his people’s most sacred relic. And that thief is a fallen empire. 

Major Robert Campbell wants to right an ancient wrong. But his window of opportunity to change the world is closing fast. 

Cassandra wants to live up to her namesake, the soothsaying Trojan princess. She knows how to untie the kingdom.  

Fans of political thrillers will love The Untied Kingdom.

About The Author

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By day, Felix Long is a Technical Writer who specialises in bringing scientific research to as wide an audience as possible by breaking complex concepts into their constituent components and reassembling them in a more pleasing form.  By night, Felix dons a cape and a mask to write fiction based on solid fact and plausible conjecture... 

I would love to hear from you, so please join me at

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