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Three Short Stories...

Bloodbath – The Gruesome Murders, deals with a man applying a brutal approach to satisfying his need.

A Tale of an EHO (Environmental Health Officer) includes food safety and adult entertainment, reluctant and good looking food operators, cult like Church leadership and adult entertainment venue ownership. It’s a complicated tale.

Learning to Kill explores how a professional hitman and his family educate their son.

Each story swims in unpleasant situations. Even though the content is aimed at a mature audience, it may seem to be immature at times.

They are just the beginning, with more planned...

About The Author

Gary Lonesborough.png

A slightly bored, grumpy old man trying to bring a smile to others.

More of my strange writing can be found at my website, which aims to lighten the load in a mixed up world.

Living on the Gold Coast, while watching the rest of this mixed up world with a bemused giggle!

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