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Twisters is a new collection of flash fiction from Australian author Kathleen Ryder. 

Here she has assembled a collage of stories that reveal an utterly original voice, where each story is a single moment, to be discovered, shared, and savoured.   

A job hunter's hopes, a wife's obsession, a father's dangerous secret, a mysterious stranger met at a fairground – Ryder's characters are the magical, the mysterious, the criminal, and those with completely mundane lives.   

These characters could be you, a neighbour, a friend. They could be living in Sydney, Manhattan, Toronto, or London. These stories lay bare the fault lines and fragility beneath our commonalities.   

Twisters is an unforgettable look at the lives we live, those we invent, and those we wish to forget.

About The Author

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A romantic at heart, Kathleen is a writer of sexy and heart-warming contemporary romances and women's fiction featuring thought provoking plots and strong main characters that are relatable and recognizable to modern day women.  

She lives in remote Australia with her children, in a house brimming with books.

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