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Chester Jones drives his new car to the forested slopes of the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia, in order to deliver an extravagant gift to a client after cinching a massive business deal.  

On the side of the road he discovers something that will change many lives, most particularly that of his and his wife’s. In the meantime, a shark-eaten body of a woman is washed up on a beach by the Great Ocean Road and Detective Bruce Nash is called in to investigate.  A few days later the forensic pathologist breaks news to the detective that will change the course of the investigation. 

Nash eventually retires to the Dandenong area without having ever solved the case. On a walk one day, Bruce is shocked to see someone that is a carbon copy of the woman that washed up on the beach years before. 

Will You Keep Me Tomorrow will take the reader on a journey of wealth, romance and murder across the globe.

About The Author

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Steven Fine developed a security product for the exhibition industry and has held careers in retail, security and public relations in South Africa, before finding his passion in safari expeditions and travel writing. 

He has written many articles for international travel magazines based on his nature experiences when he was in the safari industry in South Africa. Through his work there he met prominent figures such as Nelson Mandela. 

As a young man he visited Australia several times with his wife and their dream came true when they moved to Melbourne in 2011.

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