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Episode 24

It's time to delve into the shadows and join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss the psychology and neurological reward system of horror, lamingtons and the symbolism of jam, the importance of discipline and moving your body and all things reading and writing...

It's episode 24 and we are so very honoured to present a spine tingling, yet amazingly motivational interview with none other than one of the greatest horror writers in Australia - Alan Baxter!!! Alan was gracious enough to reveal so many insights into what it takes to be a successful author whilst inviting his avid fans into his story process and approach to all things terror.... How lucky is ABL?


What Country do you write on? 

I live near Kiama, on Dharawal land.

When did you first admit that you were a writer?

When I was a kid I knew I loved it – I was in my late-20s before I realised it was something I should take seriously.

What was your favourite book as a child?

So many! I loved Charlotte’s Web and Stig of the Dump and Danny the Champion of the World especially.

What inspired you to write/this book/these books?

I take inspiration from everywhere – living life is inspiration.

Do you write for yourself or for a particular audience?

Always for one reader, a version of myself who doesn’t write. I write the stories that guy wants to read.

Is there anything specifically Australian about your book/books?

It depends on the book – some are set in the US or the UK, but recently I’ve been leaning heavily into Australian dark fantasy and horror. THE GULP is very much Australian.

Are there any secrets hidden in your writing?

If I told you that they wouldn’t be secrets…

Why do you think listeners should read your book/s?

Hopefully for the entertainment first and foremost. I like to have fun and tell a good story. With any luck, people will also get a lot more than that too.

Is there a message in your book/books/writing? / What’s the main message you’d like readers to take away after reading your book/books?

I think there’s always a message of some kind, often subconscious on my part. I usually realise when I’m finished what a book is about! With THE GULP, I think family is an underlying theme – the different kinds of family we have.

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Click below to learn more about this author's spectacular literary work!

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