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In episode 112, Veronica and Laurie bring you libraries, warm winter reads, Lego adventures, Story Dogs, fellowships, industry news, made up words, reminders about the free online RAW (readers are writers) workshop with Dr Rachel Matthews and so much more... (Did you know, karanoia is terror of the blank page?)
Veronica has another go at the PMI Victorian History Library's Friday Riddle. You'll have to listen to the next episode to see if she's close.
Laurie has a wonderful chat with the amazing fantasy author Nadine Abrahams.

Book spotlights for this episode include:
Power and Obsession by Catherine McCullagh – alternative history
The Rust Red Land by Robyn Bishop – historical fiction
The Leaves by Jacqueline Rule – contemporary
Corpus in Extremis: A Memoir by Loretta Smith - memoir

Intro - 00:26
Industry news - 12:58
Book spotlights - 25:21
Author Interview - 43:32
Post interview chat - 1:25:15
Quotes - 1:32:44



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