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Industry Podcast Show Notes

Episode 14

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Episode 14 is here and so is another fantastic Industry Special Edition! Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they chat with Theresa Smith from the Australian Women Writers Challenge who is without doubt a book loving force to be reckoned with! A volunteer based organisation that's been established for almost ten years, the AWWC is a powerhouse driver of support for Australian women writers and, after listening to all the wonderful things Theresa has to reveal, you're definitely going to want to join in the fun....

Industry Information


How did the challenge start?

You can read all about it here.

What is gender bias?

Gender bias refers to ‘the socially constructed preference for one sex/gender over the other.’  It can be either a conscious or unconscious act.  An example of gender bias is a teacher in a classroom calling on boys to answer questions rather than girls because he/she believes that boys have more to contribute.  Even the English language shows gender bias, in that the pronoun he is used generically to represent both men and women.  (Dugan, Rhonda E. “Gender Bias.” Encyclopedia of Social Problems. Ed. Vincent N. Parrillo.  Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2008. SAGE knowledge. Web. 1st August 2013.)

In terms of book reviewing, this means that people read and review fewer books written by women, compared to books written by men.  There are a number of reasons for this bias, which you can read about here.

Where do I find reviews people have written as part of the Australian Women Writers Challenge?

You can find the reviews people have submitted to us here. We also highlight several reviews in different genres each month as part of our round-up posts on the homepage.

How can I get more involved in the AWW project?

You can join in the discussion on our Goodreads and Facebook pages, our Twitter hashtag #AWW2016 (or whatever is the current year e.g. #aww2017). You can follow us on twitter – @AusWomenWriters, and join our group at the Reading Room.

#7 Sq Romance Panel 3.png

Click below to learn more about our Industry Superstar!


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