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Detective Sergeant Pierce Ryder of the Sydney Homicide Squad is on the hunt for notorious fugitive Gavin Hutton.  

After months of dead-ends, the breakthrough Ryder has been hoping for leads him back to the New South Wales Snowy Mountains on the trail of the suspected killer. 

Meanwhile, when an injured man bursts into the remote Thredbo lodge managed by Eva Bell, her first instinct is to protect her daughter, Poppy. The terrifying arrival of Jack Walker turns Eva's world upside down as the consequences of Jack's presence become clear.  

With a killer on the loose, Jack Walker and Ryder are tangled in the same treacherous web - spun across the perilously beautiful Crackenback Range.

"A gripping read set across the beautiful Crackenback Range…the reader can't escape being carried along on the nail-biting journey."  Australian Country  

"This fine novel ticks all the boxes for top rate crime fiction…five stars. Simply excellent crime fiction by a highly skilled and knowledgeable writer." The Weekly Times

About The Author

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In 2009, former corporate trainer Lee Christine decided to turn her writing hobby into a serious day job.  Lee is the author of six romantic suspense novels. Her first crime novel, Charlotte Pass, was published in 2020 and its sequel, Crackenback, in 2021.  She lives in Newcastle, NSW with her husband and her Irish Wheaten Terrier, Honey. 

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