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A homeless man, Old Joe's death was not unexpected. Not until it was found to be murder.

This was Darlinghurst Road, Kings Cross, once a hub of inequity, of strip joints and gentleman's clubs, of licensed premises and restaurants. But now, the area is changing, going upmarket, another enclave for those that can afford it, not a place for the homeless, nor is it a place of murder, but then, another murder in Point Piper, upmarket and exclusive, a woman, her throat cut.  

Detective Gary Haddock's a seasoned hand in Homicide, but he is baffled by the murders. Statistically, Sydney's Eastern Suburbs rarely has a murder, but after four, are they serial or random, and if they are, why?  

Sergeant Natalie Campbell from Kings Cross Police Station is wet behind the ears when she pairs with Haddock, but she soon learns that she is more astute than the man, although she's a risk taker. 

He has to protect her, but she will take the investigations forward.

About The Author

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A Sydney-based author, Phillip Strang, came to Australia in his early twenties. Fifty-four years later, he resides in Sydney, Australia, although intervening years spent in a myriad of countries, some calm and safe - others, no more than war zones.  

The author of thirty-five books, mostly crime thrillers set in London and a small market town to the west, he has also written several books on terrorism and one on a pandemic. His books have been well received, with sales totalling over 300K, primarily in the UK and the USA.

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