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Two scientists Freedon and Kiera work together at an animal sanctuary and form a romantic attachment.

Enter Rosee, young and attractive but very immature, and her family. 

Fate brings them together and the result will change all their futures as life on Gloam falls apart around them. Some will separate, others die, some find love where they never expected it.

Rosee will be taken to a life that she could not have imagined. A child will be born to continue his race and love will, at least partially, win over misery and gloom.

Gloam is a tale of romantic love, family love, loss and hard decisions, which takes place on an Earthlike planet somewhere in the Universe.

There is no science fiction, everything that happens could be true. There is sadness, but also happiness and fun as two species deal with day to day life in turbulent times.

Praise for Gloam -

"This story is aimed at young adults but it will also appeal to older readers who sincerely hope that the planet they are leaving for their descendants doesn't go the way of Gloam. Highly recommended!" - Austin Macauley Publishers review.

"Gloam is about things that matter, aimed at the next generation who will soon be faced with the problems of creating a viable future for life on our own ravaged Earth. I enjoyed the story. Definitely recommended!" - Austin Macauley Publishers review.

About The Author

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Averil Drummond was born in London, England, in 1952 and migrated to Australia as a child.

She has spent her working life in pathology laboratories and her free time riding horses and reading books with a little amateur astronomy thrown in.

She lives on five acres in the beautiful lower Hunter Valley, north of Sydney, Australia, with her husband, the cat and three spoilt horses.

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