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This is a picture book like no other! 

Rich with character, humour and cheekiness, this story brings to life what every child wants! More birthdays and even MORE presents! 

A brilliant birthday gift for young readers, and a story the whole family can enjoy together! This is not another cute birthday story! 

Find out what happens when Jack’s wish comes true, and he celebrates a birthday every single day! Will Jack Wolf learn his lesson, or will he think of a new way to have fun? 

The story will keep you guessing until the end.

Picture Book, Birthday

About The Author

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R.W.R. McDonald (Rob) is an award-winning Kiwi author, living in Melbourne, Australia with his two daughters and one HarryCat. Author of the award-winning Nancys series, The Nancys and Nancy Business. 

Rob is also a creative writing tutor and host of QWS Podcast. 

Rob now writes picture books by day and whodunit mysteries by night - except all his characters seem to be completely out of control and pay no attention to him, or any rules.

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