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In a future Australia, where light is only for the powerful and the poor struggle in darkness, Sam grew up praying for a way out. 

Living as the only sighted boy in a town of blind workers was tough. Discovering it didn't have to be that way was tougher.  

Sam is just one of the five desperate people, each from vastly different societies in a deeply divided land, who must survive prejudice, calamity and each other, to unlock the secrets of their world, and ultimately help a fabled AI defeat an ancient foe.  

Letters from the Light is a debut dystopian sci-fi novel by Australian author Shel Calopa. Join her and celebrate diversity, explore the corrupting influence of power, and ask whether it's truly possible to break free of your upbringing.  

What would you do to escape the dark?

About The Author

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Shel has been a story teller all her life, creating tales for her child, Stellar the husky, Grace the cat and pretty much anyone with the love of a good yarn.  

In 2019 she published her first novel; Letters from the Light, followed by a number of short stories in anthologies and a novella Emoto's Promise. 

Whilst mostly set in the sci-fantasy genre, her stories only use science as the backdrop against which characters struggle with the contemporary issues of class, gender and power. Actually it’s all a bit dystopian.  

Shel is a passionate believer that all our small lives are connected, valuable and critical to the collective journey.

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