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Little Lorie Had a Farm is a book about an Australian girl who meets different animals around her family's farmhouse. 

Written for children aged 3-6, it contains ten stories full of imagination, excitement and well-presented educational information about the most popular Australian animals: kangaroos, wombats, emus, cockatoos, and others.  

Your children will have fun reading magic stories about a simple girl. They will certainly find a lot in common with her, whose fantasy, ingenuity and sense of curiosity are bright markers for this fascinating age.

About The Author

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The story is about a real person - my own daughter and set in a real place - our family holiday farm. One of my goals was to conserve family memories by recreating the situations and the characters as close to reality as possible. 

Isn't it amazing to have a fiction book about your own family, a book that memorises all the precious moments of life and has your child as the main character?

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