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Rachel Matthew's stunning novel, Never Look Desperate, is Sedaris meets Fleabag, a tragi-comedy romance set in Melbourne 2023. 

It features: cremation bling, pineapple underwear, grief and vaccinated cruise ships. The central characters Bernard, Goldie and Minh are everything TED Talks tell you not to be. 

The story tackles the absurdity of despair in a recovering world, the liberation from isolation and the wild frontier of middle-aged Tinder.

About The Author

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Melbourne-based Rachel Matthews is an author, lecturer and teacher. Her debut novel Vinyl Inside received strong press reviews and was highly commended by the Australian Vogel Award judges.

Siren, her 2017 novel was part of a PhD at Victoria University exploring sexual violence in Australian football. 

Rachel has over 15 years’ experience as an educator within a diverse range of learning environments, including lecturing in RMIT’s Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing, ACU’s Bachelor of Creative Arts, international settings, the RVIB and in student welfare at Virtual School Victoria (the largest gov school in the state).

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