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This is a beautiful story of a little possum who loves rhythm.

Close by to the tree he lives in with his mum, is the Blue House with a veranda . In this house live musicians who play in the local Bush Band. Often they can be heard practicing their catchy music.

Poss loves the rhythm and over time and a few adventures, teaches himself to keep in time to the music.

About The Author

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I love writing and started by writing lyrics for songs. This turned into ideas for children stories and along came Poss In Boots.

Living in the country I often hear possums bouncing on the roof at night. This book was really well accepted by the public and I was encouraged to write more. Millie's Cloud Friends was my next self-published book. As with Poss In Boots, Millie was based on lying on the grass as a child, watching the clouds float by and making out different shapes.

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