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Greg and Lou learn that their daughter has a terminal illness. In their desperation, they make a deal from which there is no return. 

When their crimes are exposed, their world is turned upside down.  Henry wants nothing more than to leave his Amish community behind, even as their land is under threat; their traditions under fire; and their faith faces its greatest test. 

But his mother is his world - where she goes, so too will he.  

Circumstances bring these two worlds together - a family banished to the edge of the galaxy; a community praying for a new life and the re-orientation of their destiny.  But when fate abandons them to an uncharted, inhospitable planet, some struggle for survival while others embrace the opportunity to explore this strange new world. 

Relationships are tested, beliefs are tried and emotions are pushed to the limit.  Yet Sha'Kert has a place for all.

About The Author

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Ishmael's writing is genuine and heartfelt, insightful and raw. He weaves a tale of desperation, isolation, separation and – ultimately – discovery that manages to comment on the ills and obligation of modern society while screaming at us to find our own reason for living.

He lives with his wife in Brisbane, and has been writing since 1996.

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