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Cathy ran barefoot every day across the great ancient land, as her people had done for sixty thousand years before.

And when she ran, she could hear the heartbeat of the land.

Ba Boom Ba Boom Ba Boom...

Then one day, Cathy hears a cry. She answers this cry and, with one small step at a time, the seeds of change are planted.

Cathy Freeman has always been an inspiration to young people. Here, she does it again, through storytelling - just as her people have done, for sixty thousand years before...

Listen, and you too, will hear the Heartbeat of the Land.

About The Author

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Cathy Freeman is a Kuku Yalanji and Birri Gubba woman and lives in Melbourne, Victoria, with her family. 

Cathy won her first race in primary school – the 80m dash at St Joseph’s Primary, Mackay, Queensland. She went on to become one of Australia’s leading athletes of the modern era. Her unforgettable win at the 2000 Sydney Olympics was the highlight of a brilliant career that has included a host of Commonwealth Games medals, two world titles and an Olympic silver medal. 

Cathy announced her retirement from athletics in July 2003. She founded the Cathy Freeman Foundation in 2007. The Foundation supports Indigenous students to fulfil their potential and reach their goals.

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