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At the outbreak of WWII, three-year-old Caryl Hunter is evacuated from London. 

Her earliest memories involve living alone in Wales with her former host, now adoptive mother, Gwen. She is told she is an orphan and only child. Yet Caryl has always sensed she had a brother and, despite being told he doesn’t exist and no records of him can be found, spends her adult life trying to find him. 

In 1995, aged fifty-nine, she discovers a photograph of herself, her birth mother and a mystery boy, standing together on a railway platform during the chaos of the evacuation operation. It reignites her dreams of finding her sibling. 

In 2020, in the midst of a world-wide pandemic, Caryl’s daughter, Megan, takes up the search. When she, too, is confronted by an image that, for her, is unwelcome and foreshadows an inconvenient truth, she is faced with a stark choice. 

Acutely aware of her mother’s lifelong torment she must choose to either ignore the message hidden in the photo or reconcile the secrets of her own past.

WWII evacuation, Abduction, Generational secrets, Covid-19, identify, Sibling, Infidelity

About The Author

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Before completing her debut novel, The Photograph, Diane Clarke’s writing journey began with short stories. Her writing credits include flash fiction and short stories published in several anthologies including success in the Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition – A Life Lesson, 2nd place (2019) and Courting Danger, Longlisted (2020). 

Though happily settled in Brisbane, Australia since 1996, much of her inspiration comes from the UK. Using stunning locations as the backdrop, her novels feature restless women craving truth, identity and love. She propels her female protagonists into complex family predicaments where they must deal with the agony of missing siblings, absent fathers or ethical dilemmas. 

When not writing she takes long walks in the Australian bush, upcycles vintage furniture, spends time with family and friends and spoils her cavoodle puppy.

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