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Travel the Mind is a book of meditation adventures for parents to read to their children at bedtime, or for relaxation. 

By igniting their imagination, connecting with their emotions and using creativity, they can unlock magical spaces within their minds. This book aims to create a bedtime ritual that parents and children look forward to, where bonds are built and memories are made. 

Travel the Mind was created to honour Sienna Walker-Brown who was 11 when she passed and wished to become an author and to help children. Prior to her passing she wrote the poem "Small Things" which simply helps us to remember that they are really the big things.  

The meditations inside the book aim to introduce children to a daily practice, where they can use their imagination to create their own inner world. Whilst it can be used purely for enjoyment and a fun bedtime routine, there are also meditations specifically useful for anxious children and also grieving children.   

Whilst the book was originally created for parents and children, many teachers have also used the book in kindergartens and schools.

About The Author

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My 11 year old daughter Sienna passed away as she suffered a sudden rupture of an undiagnosed brain AVM at school. Before she passed away, she wrote the poem in the front of the book called “Small Things”. She was a great protector of nature, animals and had a passion for becoming an author and helping children.

It just made perfect sense for me to honour her by writing this book, to continue the ripples she had made in her life, hoping they will reach far and wide.

When I look back at one of my most cherished memories of Sienna and my younger daughter Gigi, it was at bedtime. When they were younger, I used to lay in the space between their two beds, holding each of their hands and taking them on meditation adventures in their minds to help them to get to sleep.

This book is a mixture of meditations that promote magic, fun, creativity, imagination and a connection to the child’s inner self. It can be enjoyed by any child, but also aims to assist, children afraid at bedtime, anxious children and grieving children.

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