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Weaving Words is an anthology of diverse short stories written by women, about women. 

It emerged through the collaboration of eight passionate writers who got together to share ideas, offer advice, and give each other support. Their passion and creativity fuelled their efforts and culminated in a book filled with unique and fascinating tales, as varied as the authors themselves.  

This eclectic collection spans a range of genres from murder to travel, from comedy to mysticism. Each short story will take you on a journey, where you will be touched by the simple kindness of gifting casseroles, share in the heartbreak of a dysfunctional love, be startled at revelations of unknown families, laugh at a neurotic house sitter, be intrigued whilst searching for hidden treasure, and fall under the spell of a mystical healer. 

The writers call themselves ‘Women About Women’ and this is their first anthology. The touching, suspenseful, and magical stories contained within do share one common trait: They are quite simply unforgettable. 

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About The Author

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How this group started... 

“Let’s start a writing group for women. Women writing about women.” It was Joanna who suggested this with Conchita quickly agreeing. And so began Women About Women with Joanna and Conchita as co-creators of the group. 

Soon Maria P, Adelaide and Marjorie joined. Then there were more interested writers and this was when Maria, Irina and Maree came on board. These eight authors along with two editors, Rachel and Teresa, formed Women About Women and have contributed their passion, ideas, creativity, experience, drive... and of course, their stories. 

Each story has its own genre and style, with each being as different as the authors who wrote them. In between meetings, each author was weaving her story that would flourish in a compendium of stories where women were the protagonists, sometimes quite the hero, sometimes searching for the truth, or simply making casseroles or being funny. The result is, Weaving Words, a collaboration of ten passionate women and their stories.

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