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Everybody lies. Watch your back.

Sure, Agent Toni Delle has trust issues. Mate, her canine robot partner and Zach, her attitude-enabled shipboard Computer Intelligence Interface constantly tell her that – but as she told them, that was because of The Smuggler. She would have refused her new mission altogether if it wasn’t for the insane amount of money...

Oh, who was she kidding – danger, betrayal, secrets, lies – these were all the things she loved about her job. She just didn’t expect The Smuggler would be involved. If she’d known that she would have told her boss to jump out of an airlock, in space, without a suit.

So she takes the mission: find and stop a new weapon being manufactured and smuggled into the hands of criminal elements all over the galaxy. And hey, while she's at it, can she also find the missing weapons designer linked to these shipments?

The only problem is she has to rely on information provided by The Smuggler himself. And he may not be the only one capable of betrayal.

Praise for White Fire -

"If you're into space adventures then this is for you, and it's accessible from 12 years on to adults." - Amazon Review.

"Action packed with interesting characters. I’m not usually a sci-fi fan, but the humour, dialogue and mystery grabbed me and I found this hard to put down!" - Amazon Review.

"I loved this novel, a great adventure and a courageous hero, Tonyi Delle, with her robot dog and switched on artificial intellence in her ship. She battles the bad guys, and saves the day, despite the dangers she faced throughout the galaxy. It is well worth the money and I look forward to reading Toni Delle's next adventure." - Amazon Review.

About The Author

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Laurie Bell is a once upon a time former teacher who has worked with children of all ages in the literary sphere. She is now an administrator and is the one to go to with any question.

She is regularly featured by publications such as the Antipodean Science Fiction E-Magazine. A lover of fantasy and science fiction of all kinds, she is also a volunteer at her local theatre company and is often found in coffee shops or on trains writing madly in one of her many notebooks. Oh and she loves chocolate and coffee!

Laurie maintains an active blog of science fiction, fantasy, and flash fiction pieces. You can discover more about her fantastic titles at

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