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Episode 21

Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a special children's edition featuring spotlights on wonderfully fun picture books, discussions about animals in the clouds, thongs, the musical rhythm that can be found in prose, and a heart warming interview with picture book author and artist Lindsay Owen. Oh, and this episode includes an extra special tagline...


What inspired you to write/this book/these books?

With “Poss In Boots” it was music, living in the country listening to the night sounds and the possums crossing the roof on their hunt for food. With “Millies Cloud Friends” it was from my memories as a child.

Do you write for yourself or for a particular audience?

I enjoy writing for children as I love seeing their faces when they are engrossed with the story and the illustrations. I have had wonderful feedback from children. My daughter is a teacher and she read my books to her class then had them critique the books for me. Some wonderful answers and children tell it how they see it.

Is there anything specifically Australian about your book/books?

“Poss In Boots” is definitely Australiana.

Why do you think listeners should read your book/s?

They are full of fun while being easy to read and understand for children. There are lots of musically repetitive lines and they have a slight message in confidence and not to give up. Keep trying..

What’s the best response you’ve ever had to your writing?

Being asked by a bookshop in Armidale, NSW to supply my book “Poss In Boots” as it was on the list to be used by the University of New England for one of their courses in 2016. Also having a Book Launch at State Library of Queensland.

What genre/s do you write in?

So far it is mainly been for young children but I am currently writing a book called “Cry Through The Stones” which would be for High School and up.

What genre/s do you mostly read?

Historical, Romance, Time Travel. My favourite authors are Diana Galbaldon  (Outlander Series)and Barbara Erskine.

Who would you most like to read your book as an audiobook?

Maybe Emma from the Wiggles, she is cool with kids.

Any final words for potential readers or writers?

Take a chance and read, you will discover new worlds, new friends and new adventures.

For writers…give it a go, what have you got to loose. Share your dreams and imagination.

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