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Episode 50

Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss the importance of settings in literature, the different forms of energy that can be experienced in city streets and suburbs, time travelling legal advice and a super fun interview with author Steven Fine who joins us for this jam packed 50th episode!


When did you first admit you were a writer?

I loved essays and comprehension as a scholar and student. Most of my marks were average but writing essays I excelled and I clearly remember my English teacher telling me that writing was in my blood and that I should pursue it.

I would often have letters and my replies to articles published in the newspapers especially when it involved wild life.

I started to write articles on nature conservation and these appeared in magazines in the UK and USA and elsewhere. Today I have also had articles published in Australian magazines.

What inspired you to write this book?

I have lead an adventurous life and often a dangerous one as a young man.

In the 70’s I was an agent and I published a memoir many years ago called The Apple Orchard. During that period, I met many international people, some were fearless and some of these characters are actually portrayed in my novel, Will You Keep Me Tomorrow.

There were events and one of them pertained to a dear family member of mine. I do not want to spoil the story of my book but based on her circumstances I made a call to one of those actual characters. He was fearless, connected worldwide, respected but unsavoury as well.

This was always in the back of my mind and voila.

I then did a lot of research for my novel and decided that fiction, mystery, romance, a thriller and excitement was the cloth that I was cut from!

Are there any secrets hidden in your writing?

Yes, there are a couple of secrets and as much as I want sales from my book it will make a TV series like never before and I will go all out to pitch to producers to take Will You Keep Me Tomorrow on board. I also have great ideas for a second season.

Why do you think listeners should read your book?

Well firstly it is fiction and mystery but it is compelling, it includes drama, romance, there’s action, it’s a thriller in parts and a lot more.

There is also factual information in it and readers will take this on board and think about it well after they have read it and they should. As I have stated earlier, my book Will You Keep Me Tomorrowwas inspired by some real life events that I experienced, major ones!

What inspired your book cover/s?

I love the Dandenongs and driving up the hill to Sassafras and Olinda years back I knew that the main part of my book would take place over there in the forested slopes on those snake like bends.

The car on the cover of my book is an Audi S7, I took that photograph in the Audi showroom in Brighton. Far as the rest of the cover is concerned I took Dandenong pictures and I instructed my  designer to add a man’s face which is Chester Jones the main character in the beginning of the book.

Any final words for potential readers or writers?

For readers:Think about my title: Will You Keep Me Tomorrow

To treat everyone with respect irrespective of colour, creed or gender. And your dear ones with love. If you don’t you or someone else may not be there tomorrow.

For writers: Never give up, I’ve always said if I lose my head I will carry it under my arm! Jokes aside, the author Wilbur Smith, his father was against reading and Wilbur’s  first manuscript was rejected by 30 of the top publishers. The second time he tried he was successful and he went on to sell 145 million copies of his 39 books that he wrote.

Readers go out there and purchase Will You Keep Me Tomorrow,you will not be sorry.

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Click below to learn more about this author's spectacular literary work!

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