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Episode 66

Episode 66 is here and with it some brand new segments! Join hosts Veronica and Darren as they discuss clickety keyboards, the possible cosmic river of archetypes that brings voice to the muse, chickens waiting for spaceships and aliens advertising on Youtube...

Not only that, but Darren enjoys a stupendously fun interview with crime author Dime Sheppard who chats about her latest release Crime Writer, the door is opened for the first time to the Reader's Cafe, and author K.M. Allan joins the brand new Writer's Lounge for some relaxing banter! Grab a coffee or a sneaky wine, sit back and (we hope) enjoy the show...


When did you first admit that you were a writer? 

About two years ago – creating my Instagram prolfile, ha.

What was your favourite book as a child? 

Norah of Billabong and Anne of Green Gables.

What inspired you to write this book? 

The idea just fell out of the sky!

Do you write for yourself or for a particular audience? 

For myself. All the genres that come together in my book are genres I personally love.

Are there any secrets hidden in your writing? 

I studied literary criticism and English literature at university so I would like to think there are lots of hidden nuggets in my book but there probably aren’t as many as I think!

Why do you think listeners should read your book? 

A lot of the feedback I get from reviewers is that it’s completely fresh and original. It’s also a thrill ride!

Is there a message in your book? 

 There isn’t really a message, but there is a kind of subtle discussion in there about free will – what that looks like, what it means – for the person who has it, and the person who makes it possible for others.

Who is your most or least favourite character to write? 

I really love my main detective, Carolyn Harding – she’s so bold and fearless.

What’s the best response you’ve ever had to your writing? 

I’ve been seeing a lot of capital letters and multiple exclamation points (like OH MY GOD!!! And WOW WOW WOW!!!!!) on Goodreads which is pretty fun.

What genre/s do you mostly read? 

I love action-packed mysteries but I don’t mind fantasy or romance too – as long as it has some action to grab on to.

As a writer, are you a plotter or a pantser or somewhere in between? 

Plotter. I end up nowhere if I try to pants things.

How much research is involved in your writing? 


What’s your writing routine – if you have one? 

I also work so I spend most of my free time writing. “Whenever I can” is my routine!

What’s your favourite writing food and drink? 

Water. Drinking a lot helps me take breaks (for the bathroom).

Who helped you most when you were starting out? 

My editor was really encouraging.

What’s the most useful writing advice you’ve been given?

 Just keep going. Also good life advice.

What’s your writing goal for the next twelve months? 

Publish my second book, finish writing my third.

Who would you most like to read your book as an audiobook? 

Emily Blunt – love her!

What words of advice would you give an aspiring author? 

You can do it!

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