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Episode 72

Summer may have slept through the alarm but episode 72 is here! Join hosts Veronica and Darren for a wonderful double interview with authors Emily Gale and Nina Kenwood. We have some super special guests and new book spotlights in the Reader's Cafe, a romance loving Sandy Barker drops into the Writer's Lounge, discussions about absurd criminal moments in history and a whole lot more...

Intro - 00:00
News - 15:00
Reader's Cafe - 21:00
Author Interview - 39:30
Interview Discussion - 1:36:40
Writer's Lounge - 1:44:55
Episode Wrap Up - 2:00:10


Emily Gale’s books include The Other Side of Summer and its companion novel I Am Out with Lanterns, the Eliza Boom Diaries. 

Nina Kenwood's books include Unnecessary Drama and It Sounded Better In My Head.

E-cover final.jpeg

Click below to learn more about this author's spectacular literary work!

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